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Friday 20th May 2022 –

Tomoroow Saturday 21st May I will be attending Sandown Park Toy fair with a good selection of my Vintage Hornby, Bassett lowke and other 0 Gauge Trains, Coaches, Wagons and Accessories together with a Good selection of Gauge 1 British outline Locos and rolling stock, hope to see you there……………………….

I am ususally Posting Monday to Thursday Special delivery, these parcels will arrive next day before 1.00 pm next day. there has been a slight reduction in some of the post office parcel prices but discounts for Parcel Force have now stopped making them more expensive. On parcels to Europe it appears in the main that we are back to normal (what ever normal is these days). Parcel to Holland, France and Germany are taking a few extra days but again there appears to be a vast improvement on delivery times. Please be aware I only use Royal Mail 1st class and Special Delivery, for parcel going overseas Royal Mail up to 2.0 kilos and Parcel Force for weights over 2 kilos. Parcel prices have increased as detailed above. I do not make a profit on packing I want to cover my costs, I tend to overpackage parcel but most importantly ensure they arrive with you on time and in the right condition.

If you do have any problems using the site please let me know I hope you will all find it easy to use, please email or phone me if you are having problems I am sure we can resolve it relatively quickly.

I am adding interesting items continually as and when items are aquired I will place them on the site so keep looking back to see what new items are available . I have added a pair of Excellent plus to near Mint LST1/20 box locos (LMS version now sold). I added a rare E220 Special loco & Tender LNER ‘Yorkshire’, a number of LNER Passenger and Corridor Coaches, Wagons, A stunning Boxed E2E Engine shed (still unsold – take a look this is a stunner). There are still a few of the rare EPM16 in LMS, SR now sold, early 6 volt Tank locos and a SR version is included, Meccano Girder Bridge and many other items as well as continuing to list other Locomotives, Rolling stock and Accessories so I will continue to place these on the site as they become available and time permitts. If there is any thing you are looking for let me know I might be able to help. The large number of post war wagons have been selling very quickly so if your looking for any take a look at what is listed if you cannot see and there is something specific please email and I can let you know if it is on stock, Maldon Rail 3-rail second hand track just have the last few 9 inch straights. There are 3 types of 3-rail track including double straights but I will need time to photograph them before placing them on the site, electric Crossovers, single and Curved track and many other items, again keep looking and I hope you find something of interest.

Although a busy time buying collection and listed, selling and packing parcels time has been found to do some work on the layout. i lot of workstill to do but I am enjoying running a number of the vintage trains including Hornby Bassett Lowke, Leeds, Milbro etc. A few of the vintage Loco mech’s are still causing problems, they are nearly 90 years old, but still very frustrating, I do like to make sure they all run and preform well on the layout. I will try to post some additional pictures so you can see the progress, I hope you enjoy them.


June 2022

Wednesday 8th Jun
Mortimer Evening running event
St John’s Hall, Mortimer

Saturday 18th Jun
Alresford Festival of Trains
Perins School Alresford, Alresford

July 2022

Wednesday 13th Jul
Mortimer Evening running event
St John’s Hall, Mortimer

August 2022

Wednesday 10th Aug
Mortimer Evening running event
St John’s Hall, Mortimer

Sunday 21st Aug
Kidlington Toy and Train fair
Exeter Hall, Kidlington

The Hornby Mortimer event near Reading has returned. It includes running facilities in 0 and Dublo, every second Wednesday of each month (some dates do change) starting at 5.00 pm.

The Bassett Lowke meetings at the Cowper Arms Digswell AL6 0EA is returning on Saturday 26th March and will include running facilities so bring something to run. Other dates have been fixed for later in the year.

When you have placed an order please, please make sure your basket shows the item/s and you WILL receive confirmation of the order if this does not happen please check your spam box/s to make sure the email/s has not ended up there. Please contact me if you do not receive a total including the posting/shipping cost. Do not pay the order until I have added the postage/shipping cost which will depend on the packed weight of the item/s and the destination. You can always ring me if you are in any doubts about your order or other matters. I accept payment on the site by card or bank transfer If you prefer to do it over the phone directly with me or send a cheque that is fine too.

I realise that we all have a budget to work to so you can secure any item with a deposit on an agreed time frame so give me a call to discuss this option if it is of interest.

Don’t forget to let me know if you are looking for anything in particular I will always keep a look out and let you know if they are in stock. Additional pictures are available for all items on the site if you are unsure about an item/s, you can also contact me to discuss item/s on the phone and I can also describe them to you.

A lot of my recent items have quickly found new homes so if you are looking for something particular you can alway ask and I will let you know if/when they are in stock.

Don’t forget if you are looking for something in particular let us know we may have it in stock. I am always looking for nice items to add to my updates so if you have something to sell single item or a whole collection, we can also offer to sell your items on a commission basis so give me a ring or send me an email with details.

Hornby 0 Gauge No.E2E electric Engine Shed, super all round condition Near mint – Boxed – £495

No.1 electric 6volt DC SR Tank Loco No.B667

A Rare Hornby 0 Gauge E220 LNER loco & Tender ‘YORKSHIRE’ – unboxed

Hornby 0 Gauge Rare 6 volt electric SR E220 Special Tank loco No.2329 – unboxed and currently available

I have added a few Bassett Lowke items including a Maroon Duchess, Newman coaches, 0-6-0 LMS 4F in 3 rail electric and a few Exley coaches including LMS Brake all 3rd coach in Near mint condition. There is also a LNER tourist stock coach and the last of the LNER coaches. i do have a selection of Milbro LMS coaches including 2 sets of triples.

Mills Milbro 3-car triple coach set
A Bassett Lowke 4-6-2 Loco & Tender LMS ‘Duchess of Montrose’ 3 rail electric on an original Bassett Lowke display Plinth – Note Plinth is for display only
Bassett Lowke 0 Gauge 4-4-0 Loco & Tender LMS Compound No.1108, 3-rail electric – unboxed £245

Bassett Lowke 2-6-2 Tank Loco LMS plain black No.94, 3-rail electric – These locos were only listed in the Bassett Lowke 1940 catalogue

In the larger Gauge section I have added a Bing for Bassett lowke LNWR Cauliflower and a Bing 4-4-2 LBSCR Atlantic Tank loco both in clockwork.

Bassett lowke Gauge 1 ‘Private owner’ Open wagon – Boxed – Sold

Carette Gauge 1 GNR loco & Tender Clockwork
Bing Gauge 1 Clockwork 4-6-0 Loco & Tender Great Central no.423 – £1695
Bing for Bassett lowke Gauge 1 0-6-0 Loco & Tender LNWR No.930 ‘Caulflower’ Clockwork. £1200

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