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Beeson Gauge 1 4-6-0 Locomotive & Tender HR (Highland Railway) Green ‘Brodie Castle’, 3-rail outside 3rd




Beeson 1 Gauge 4-6-0 Locomotive & Tender HR (Highland Railway) Green ‘Brodie Castle’, 3-rail outside 3rd. They are finished in plain Green Highland Railway with ‘Brodie Castle’ hand-painted name over the second and third wheel arch and HR lettering to tender sides.

The Locomotive, although quite plain looking from the outside, has super cab detail.

As usual with many of Beeson locos, it has a large Locomotive to tender coupling pin and some excellent small fittings. The outside third bars are superbly finished. The chassis is easily removed by two screws with the cylinders all part of the chassis.

Unusually, there are no cab side running numbers, and it does not look to have ever had them fitted.

The Locomotive was found in May 2014 at one of the largest toy fairs in the UK.

A total of 19 Locomotives were built between 1900 and 1917 by Dubbs (10), and the North British Locomotive works (9) designed by Peter Drummond were all named for the Highland Railway.

Ownership passed to the LMS on 01/01/1923, and Brodie Castle was renumbered 14691. The Locomotive was scrapped in 1939.

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