Beeson 0 Gauge 4-4-2 Locomotive & Tender NBR Brown ‘Borderer’ No.881, 3-rail electric

James Beeson 0 Gauge – 4-4-2 Locomotive & Tender N.B.R. (North British Railway) class C11 ‘Borderer’ No. 881, 3-rail – when purchased some years ago this Locomotives boiler bands were pealing off (yes fitted with paper boiler bands), these have now been sorted out by Alan Brackenbrough. Hand applied name ‘BOARDER’ front splasher, crest to second splasher and ‘N.B.R.’ lettering to tender sides. Fitted with a skate style 3-rail pick-up under the tender. Excellent cab detail and this runs as you would expect like a Swiss watch.

22 locomotives were built and all were named, Borderer was built in 1906 and withdrawn in 1936, all were scrapped by 1939.

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